About Emma

I am passionate about how coaching can help and inspire others to live their best life.

I burned out as a result of overwhelm and a stressful job. My well being suffered as did my physical health and relationships with those I cared about. I loved my job and being a parent but I was unable to find a healthy work life balance and these two roles were in conflict. I lost myself and became depressed.

I left a job that I was good at, became self employed and took some time out from a long hours work culture. Slowly over time, I started to heal, to rebuild my life and health. Back then I didn’t know about life coaching. A critical friend and champion holding a mirror to my strengths and personal qualities would have been a wonderful thing. I had some resolve and eventually I found new ways forward.

Life began to change when I worked flexibly, enabling me to enjoy my work and have time to be the parent I wanted to be and also to set aside time each week dedicated to reflection, well being and true passions. The amazing coaching skills that I gained in training enhanced my pathway to rediscovering my authentic self, forging better quality relationships and gaining new perspectives.

Today, I say ‘yes’ to challenges that resonate with me and ‘no’ to things that are notserving me.I enjoy my work. I love my life. I love helping and inspiring people as a life coach and helping them to live their best life in an often hectic and fast paced world.


Are you burned out and stressed?

Are you one of life’s jugglers?

Are you concerned that your wellbeing is suffering?

Are you having enough fun?

Do you want a better life?

Do you want to rediscover your energy and passion for life?

Working with a great coach is like working with a personal trainer for the mind and your life goals.

Through life coachin,g I will offer you the time and space, and a professional life coaching tool kit to redefine your true self, your true passions and live your best life, placing you and your well being at the centre of everything we focus on together. What is life coaching and how does it work? Get in touch to find out more.