Newsletter 1 October 2020

Emma Roberts Life Coach

Living Well in Mid life

Hello! Hello and welcome!

Thank you for joining my email list.  (You can unsubscribe at any time, I keep a careful log.)  Each month I’d love to keep you updated with the latest findings on how to live your best life in midlife… and sharing knowledge and wisdom along the way.  I have spent much of lock down doing loads of research into women’s health, investing in nutrition courses, sleep, yoga and fitness routines, menopause related matters, skin care and working out which incredible professionals and contributors I would love to work with to help you live your best lives too.  I have been working on free downloads for my subscribers i.e. you amazing women, as well as videos, podcasts, retreats and workshops that will be running from late Autumn and into next year.  All Covid friendly and online for the time being.  Watch this space!

I also want to help women like you with developing healthy positive mindsets to deal with life’s challenges and building confidence, peace and contentment… and that is where my coaching training comes in.

Some of you might still be thinking…. “Well I keep hearing about life coaching but what actually is life coaching?”  Each month I will share a snippet….

You can access coaching with me on a 1:1 basis or join my groups.  Coaching in essence is a two-way conversation (but where you get to do most of the talking!)  I ask you really useful questions (that’s where my skill set and training come in) and you come away with a set of actions to lead you to where you want to be….There’s a bit more to it than that,  but here are the outcomes women get from working with me as their coach:

The women I work with get a good listening to, they have a safe space dedicated solely to them to explore what they really want and what is holding them back.  This reflection gives them clarity and new perspectives.  They explore options to work towards what they want and set up action plans to achieve them.  (They could do this alone, but they get results much faster working with a professional coach).  My clients are challenged (in a good way), challenged to get out of their comfort zone and challenged to take action to move forward, whilst at the same time being their true authentic selves and supported by a critical friend.  Oh, and we life coaches don’t give advice!  In fact, we do not pass our training if we do.  We ask insightful questions that empower you to come up with the best solutions and decisions for you, your life and who you are.

Coaching is a positive intervention that places your wellbeing right at the centre.

Coaching is brilliant if you are stuck in a rut or low in self-confidence (and so many women in midlife are).  I see women start a session with me and their voice is quiet, their body language is inward and they look anxious, worried…by the time they leave, their shoulders are back, their head is high, they are smiling, maybe even laughing, they are looking ahead and the visible change in state is joyous….for me and them!  And they can’t wait for the next session!

Want to find out more?  Do you know somebody who could benefit from coaching?  Book a free no obligation whatsoever discovery call to find out more….

Tel:  07921 103848 or email me at [email protected]

I will respond within 24 hours or 48 hours if you get in touch at the weekend. (I am a coach; I embrace work life balance!)

Look out for my first late Autumn workshop all about living well in menopause…. dates to be confirmed by email, Facebook, and Instagram.



AND in my next newsletter I will be talking about gratitude and why it is so life changing and important for all of us and sending you my first freebie download all about getting better sleep….

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Thank you, lovely ladies,

Speak soon,

Emma x